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how do I stop freakin out??? - zildjian77

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April 15th, 2010

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08:15 pm - how do I stop freakin out???
last night anfey went up the coast for a uni mates birthday and he clearly met new people and chatted to many different people but he has chatted with some girl on facebook about meeting her and how it was good to meet her and what not and now I am freakin out that everytime he goes somewhere without me or meets new people he might do something again.
I feel bad for not trusting him 100% but its hard to not think he will do it again I have had every male cheat on me and I am so sure he will do the same.
How do I stop this shit from going thru my head......I feel so sad and depressed now that I cant trust him to do things on his own....I am scared I am going to loose him and I dont want to push him away with my constant worry. I dont want loose him but I am scared I am not enough to keep him.
I dont wanna ruin things as they are travelling ok at the moment but how do I keep it that way.
How do I stop thinking its going to happen all over again?

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