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getting there - zildjian77

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April 26th, 2010

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06:51 pm - getting there
it is definately over tween Anfey and I and there isnt much hope of us getting back together in the future......well that is what I need to tell myself. He says he is not sure if we can get over things as he is too hurt as am I but we do hope to become friends when we both can sort out our shit.
This week I am going back to the councillor to talk things through on how to deal with my attacks and my ex's. It went well last week and we will see how it goes this week. I am also going to get the contraceptive implant I had put in taken out as the hormones in that could be what is sending my attacks haywire.......hate hate hate needles and am so not looking forward to getting it removed but I wont be able to complain as much as I did when I got it put in especially since I got a new tattoo done today LOL

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